Woman Sues for Injuries Sustained In Dallas Cowboys Facility Collapse

According to Avvo, a Texas woman who works for the Dallas Cowboys has filed a personal injury lawsuit over the 2009 collapse of one of the team’s practice facilities. In May of 2009, the Cowboys special teams coach Joe DeCamilis broke his back and 11 other employees were injured when winds ripped through the roof of the team’s indoor practice area during a rookie minicamp. Of the twelve individuals hospitalized, ten were taken by emergency vehicles and one went on their own.

The 88,000-square-foot building collapsed during the wind storm and Jancy Briles, who works in the team’s public relations department, claims that she suffered injuries. The plaintiffs injury attorney did not specify the nature of injuries she suffered and did not disclose them in the filing.

The plaintiff’s injury lawyer did not name the Cowboys in the suit. Instead, Briles identified Summit Structures LLC of Pennsylvania and the parent company Cover-All Building Systems Inc. of Canada as defendants for an accident that may have resulted from a defective product.

Coach Joe DeCamilis endured broke vertebrae and scout Rich Behm was paralyzed from the waste down as a result of the incident. The individuals received personal injury settlements totaling $35 million, according to the Associated Press. Jamar Hunt, the Cowboys tight end, suffered a herniated disk as a result of the roof collapse.

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