Actress Dreama Walker Sued Over Auto Accident

According to TMZ, Dreama Walker has been sued by a woman who alleges the ex-Gossip Girl star caused serious damages to her and her vehicle. The unnamed LA female driver says that the 24-year-old actress rental car accidentally smashed into her vehicle on March 11.

The female claims Walker destroyed her vehicle and left her with personal injuries. The lawsuit has been filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, according to news reports.

The unnamed female plaintiff is seeking compensation for medical bills, loss of earnings, and car repair costs, according to reports.

Dreama Walker is not the only celebrity facing a personal injury lawsuit. Recently, former American Idol judge Kara DioGuardi was named as a defendant in a car accident lawsuit that occurred in May 2010. The ex-judge was sued for $250,000 for an accident involving a vehicle that was co-owned by her but driver by a former employee.

The driver sued DioGuardi saying he was rear-ended by the former employee and sustained injuries including a slipped disk in his neck.

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