Everett Nursing Home Settles Lawsuit for $3.5 Million

According to HeraldNet, The owners of an Everett, Washington nursing home settled a lawsuit with the family of a 97 year-old man over neglect allegations.

The family filed a lawsuit in 2009 alleging the nursing home staff failed for months to care for the man and neglected to notify his primary doctor of penile cancer. The patient developed penile cancer while in the care at the Everett. The man’s genitals started to disintegrate due to cancer.

A staff member discovered the wound and notified nursing home’s manager. The manager forgot about it and never notified the man’s primary physician of the wound. The patient received emergency room treatment for a different reason where doctors discovered genital disintegration. The patient died of penile cancer. The facility and staff further failed to notify the man’s family of the original wound finding.

The man died two weeks after his emergency room visit. Sunbridge Healthcare Corp., based in New Mexico owns and operates the Everett nursing home.

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