Victim In Fla A&M Hazing Suffered Long-Term Abuse

Robert Champoion Jr., the Florida A&M drum major, who was brutally beaten in a hazing incident, suffered severe and prolonged muscle damage, according to coroners reports. The New York Daily News reports that the damage is consistent with long-term beating and abuse or torture.

Officials could determine the long-term beatings occurred due to a certain muscle protein called myoglobin that released into his bloodstream. It became too much for his kidneys to process, and it may have ultimately caused his death. The bruises on his back were described as “purple-gray” and he also suffered major internal bleeding. Coroners ruled his death a homicide in November.

“These are extremely forceful blows that this kid took, all over his back and his arms and his shoulders,” forensic science professor Lawrence Kobilinsky told CNN.

Band director Julian White has been placed on administrative leave, and many expect a wrongful death lawsuit to follow.

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