Police Officer to Receive $3.1 Million for Personal Injury

A River Coast police officer injured in a 2008 car crash while at work is set to receive an award of $3.1 million for his personal injury.

Patrol office Michael Victor responded to an emergency call of possible shots fired at a convenience store. He collided with a vehicle driven by a River Forest resident, Kay Fitzgerald, at a nearby intersection. The office’s car then slammed into a tree, totaling the police vehicle and causing multiple injuries. Victor suffered leg, torso injuries and a compound fracture to his left ankle and a fractured knee.

The resident, Fitzgerald, received a ticket for failure to stop at a stop sign and failing to yield to an emergency vehicle. She also received a ticket for damaging property.

Victor sued the other driver for personal injury. The judge agreed that Victor cannot return to work as a police officer and that injuries suffered greatly affected his ability to engage in a normal and active life. Victor is currently on disability leave and is set to receive a permanent 65 percent “line of duty” disability pension.

Fitzgerald’s attorney argued in court that the former police officer is employable in a related field as a 911 dispatcher or as an evidence technician. Victory’s attorney disagreed, stating the former police officer will live his life in pain and will never be able to enjoy simple activities such as exercising.


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