Jury Awards Motorcycle Rider Huge Victory

A Santa Clara County jury awarded David Allen more than $1.8 million for injuries that he sustained in a
motorcycle accident. This case has been a landmark case for personal injury victims across the country.
The insurance company defendant had offered Allen a settlement of $100,000 to compensate him for
the injuries he sustained when a commercial truck driver caused an accident involving the motorcycle
rider. The settlement offered wouldn’t even cover the huge hospital and medical bills incurred after
such an accident much less time off of work and the possibility of a loss of income.

Mr. Allen suffered a serious leg injury that led to multiple surgeries, pain and suffering. After a three
week trial a jury awarded Mr. Allen an amount that is more than 18 times what the insurance company
offered him. The same insurance company defendant that claimed that the truck driver was not at fault
for the accident and attempted to blame it on Mr. Allen was found by a jury to be in the wrong.

This case proves the point that a skilled and knowledgeable personal injury attorney can ensure that
you will be properly compensated for your injuries. If you have received any injuries that are caused by
another party don’t accept a quick settlement because it is offered. If you have been wronged take it to
court, fight it out and actually receive a real financial award that will help cover not only your medical
expenses, but loss of income, pain and suffering and will provide future security for you and your family.

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