Halloween Scary Contact Lenses Maybe the Fright That Keeps on Giving

Each year around Halloween the FDA begins to get nervous about the safety of your eyes.  Those decorative contact lenses that can make you look like a demon or have an “eye-of-the tiger” can be an extremely dangerous product if not bought with a prescription from an authorized dealer.

Putting a contact lens into your eye without the proper fit or instruction for an eyecare professional is extremely dangerous.  Contact lens should be fit to the eye using specialized measurements.  These decorative lenses that can sometimes be bought at flea markets, beauty supply stores, beach stores or on the Interet are a “one-size fits all” lens.  The resulting poor fit can lead to severe eye damage such as corneal ulcers or abrasions, vision impairment or even blindness.

Be smart this Halloween.  If you want to the ultimate in scary eyes, go see your local optometrist and get the right fit.  You just might  be glad you did!

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