Parents Urged to Restrain Children Travelling on Vacation

While most parents have become diligent in the use of child restraint seats in the car, the National Traffic Safety Board (NTSB) is urging parents to use child restraint seats on airplanes as well.  A child restraint seat can prevent catastrophic injuries to the child in the event of turbulence or survivable accidents.

If a plane enters airspace with severe turbulence and the child is merely sitting on the parent’s lap, the parent may not be able to securely hold onto the child to prevent it from flying about the cabin.  The NTSB also noted that children who are not restrained in a child seat have become separated from their parents in a survivable crash.  This resulted in their not being evacuated at the same time as their parents.

So when you take that flight to your summer vacation destination, don’t check your child seat with your luggage.  Reserve a seat for your child and make sure they are buckled in with their own safety seat.  It’s the best way to keep your children safe when travelling by air.

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