Will Your Goblins Be Safe on Halloween?

Each year thousands of children are injured as they celebrate Halloween.  The injuries can be from a simple trip and fall or much more serious if the child is hit by a car.  Children have also been injured carving jack-o-lanterns from pumpkins.

The American Association of Pediatrics wants your child to be safe this year and has issued its recommendations on costumes, trick or treating and getting your home ready for the little monsters that come to your door.

There are several important things for you to remember when you dress your little monster, warrior or princess before they go door to door.  Probably the most important is that all young children should be accompanied by an adult.  It is the parents who can keep them the safest.  For your older children, map out a route that you want them to take and make sure they have a cell phone so they can call if there are any problems.

Second is your child should be able to see and be seen.  Hats and masks should fit the child and make sure the eye holes line up properly so they can see where they’re going.  People in cars must also be able to see your child.  Brighter costumes are better, but since a lot of children want to wear dark and scary costumes, reflective tape should be added to their shoes, trick or treating bags and even the back of the costume.

For a complete list of safety tips for your child and how to prepare your home for the young goblins, visit the AAP website.

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