Tire Manufacturers Promote Tire Safety

Tire manufacturers use this second week in June to promote tire safety with National Tire Safety Week.  The industry is getting the word out that proper tire inflation is critical in preventing auto accidents , particularly vehicle roll-overs.

Now I doubt that you will find a greeting card promoting it National Tire Safety Week, but what you should find is a brochure called “Be Smart, Play Your PART” at your local tire retailer.  PART stands for pressure, alignment, rotation and tread – the four tests that should be performed on your car tires regularly.  If you can’t get to a retailer, the brochure can be downloaded for free at:


The National Highway Traffic Safety Commission says that low tire pressure and overloaded vehicles are the number one cause of tire failure and a blow-out on the interstate at high speeds can result in tragedy.  So before you pile the kids, the dog and all the camping gear into the car for that summer vacation,  please insure your family’s safety by having your tires checked at your local tire dealer.


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