Pedestrian Heading to School Hit in Crosswalk

An Orlando auto accident involving a pedestrian and a Lexus closed part of Michigan Street this morning.  A young teen was crossing Michigan in the crosswalk but was crossing against the green light.   Luckily, her injuries were reported as non-life theatening.

According to FHP, the driver will not be cited for striking the teen with the vehicle.  But do you know why?  Do you know the law when it comes to pedestrians crossing in crosswalks?

Florida law provides many protections for pedestrians, but pedestrians are bound by traffic regulations as well.  According to Florida Law

Unless otherwise directed by a pedestrian control signal as provided in s. 316.0755, pedestrians facing a steady red signal shall not enter the roadway.

We may not know the specifics of this accident, but if this teen has non-life theatening injuries, she is very lucky.  Any accident with car versus pedestrian usually has a very bad outcome.  Even if we do have the right of way, as drivers we must be wary that people standing at the edge of the street might just decide to step in front of you and proceed with caution, particularly if you are near a school.


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