Two Die in a 10-Car Accident

Two women lost their lives yesterday in multiple car accident involving 10 vehicles on I-95 near Ocala.

One of the accident victims died when she was thrown from her  vehicle just before it caught on fire.  The other woman died when she struck the hood of a car on the road below the overpass where the accident happened.  It could not be determined whether she fell or jumped out of the way of another vehicle involved in the crash.

The pile-up began when a Ford F-150 spun and hit the guardrail of the overpass of SR 326.  The F-150 was hit by a Dodge Neon and then a Mazda hit the Neon. A  Chevy Caprice then stuck the back of Toyota.  When the dust finally settled, a total of 10 vehicles were involved in the pile-up.

The only serious injuries were to the two women who were transported to Shands Hospital at the University of Florida where they both died as a result of their injuries.


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