Acai-berry Claims Being Investigated

According to the Orlando Sentinel, three Florida companies selling acai-berry supplements as weight loss, anit-aging and cancer curing products are being investigated by Florida’s Attorney General: South Florida Nutrition Inc. (SFL Nutrition),  GlobalNet Pharmacies and Aton Solutions.

According to the Attorney General’s office, after signing up for a 14-day free trial, consumers appear to be locked into recurring monthly orders (at $80 per month) that they cannot cancel, are unable to get refunds as promised or even reach a customer service representative.

While in a 2006 test at the University of Florida showed the acai-berry killed “cultured leukemia cells”, researchers say there is no proof that the acai-berry supplement can cure cancer.  And Stephen Barrett, founder of, a consumer health advocacy site, said

” there’s little or no scientific evidence to support claims that supplements containing antioxidants prevent cancer and other illnesses or promote weight loss.’

If you wish to file your own complaint, contact the Florida Attorney General’s consumer protection division.

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