Dog Bites Mom After Biting Her Child Months Earlier

A woman from Palm Bay was severely bitten by a pit bull this morning just seven months after her 3 year-old-son was bitten by the same dog back in April.  The owner was charged by Animal Control officials when the dog bit the child back in April and was ordered to keep the dog under control.

While medical personnel were tending to the womans’ wounds, the police and Animal Control officers tried to catch the dog who was still running free and showing aggression towards another child on a bike.

According to officials, the dog’s owner will not be charged in this incident, but the dog will be put down after a 10-day quarantine, and the owner must give his other dog up for adoption.

Florida law has a statute specifically governing a dog owner’s liability for injuries caused by a biting dog.  It does not matter if the dog has bitten someone in the past, or if the owner knows about a previous dog bite or not.  If you or your child has been bitten by a dog, contact one of attorneys for a free consultation regarding your injuries and the possible liability of the dog’s owner.

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