Tractor-trailer Slams School Bus, Both Burst into Flames

A 13 year-old Citra student was killed yesterday in an accident involving a Marion County school bus and a semi rig.  Reportedly the tractor-trailer driver was on his cell phone when his truck rammed into the back of the stopped bus. Then both vehicles burst into flames.

The bus was carrying 21 middle and North Marion County High School students.  Florida Highway Patrol credits the drivers of passing vehicles with saving the lives of the other 20 students.  Of those 20 students, nine were taken to local hospitals, two with critical injuries.

Witnesses said there were at least 4 by-standers who helped take the students from the burning bus.  For one of them it must have been very difficult as he said he tried to free the 13 year-old but was unable to save her.

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