Possible Melamine Contamination of Infant Formula

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a Health Information Advisory for infant formula that may be on the shelves in Asian specialty markets here in the U.S.  The Advisory is based on the reports of kidney stones found in infants in China.  Kidney stones or kidney disease is very rare in infants and it is believed these cases are the result of melamine found in the baby formula.

Melamine is used in plastics but in the body it effects the protein profile of milk and would cause the kidney diseases currently reported in the Chinese infants.

The FDA advises that none of the U.S manufacturers are part of this advisory as they do not import formula or any source materials from China.  Therefore it was believed that only the infants of parents who shop in the Asian specialty stores where these products may be found would be at risk.  The FDA is asking retailers to remove from their shelves any infant formula manufactured in China.


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