Underage Drinking Driver Runs Over Young Crash Victim

According to the Orlando Sentinel, a young boy who was riding in a semi tractor trailer was run over by a teenager after the semi was in an accident with a garbage truck.

The garbage truck was making a right hand turn off Hwy 27 near Minneola when the semi following behind did not notice the truck was turning and tried to avoid it by pulling to the right.  The driver failed and the semi struck the back of the garbage truck with such force it tore off the top of the cab.

The driver, a 21 year old women, and her 5 year old son who was sleeping in the bunk were thrown from the cab.  They landed in the middle lane of Hwy 27 where the boy was run over by the teenager.

The two victims were airlifted to Orlando Regional Medical Center with life threatening injuries.

According to Florida Highway Patrol, the teenager who is under the legal drinking age, admitted she had been drinking.  The crash is still under investigation and charges are pending.

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