Driver Loses Control, Hits Three Pedestrians, One Dies

A 60 year-old female driver unexplainably lost control of her car causing a terrible auto accident on a busy highway in Lauderhill yesterday.

The Nissan ricocheted off another vehicle going the same direction and headed directly for a bus stop where it struck three victims. One of the female victims landed on the hood of the Nissan and was carried over 500 feet – all the while the car was mowing down a street sign, bouncing off vehicles and crashing through a hedge. The victim on the hood of the car at last ended up on the ground in the parking lot of a church and did not survive. Another victim taken to a local hospital was stuck by the flying One-Way street sign.

The driver was taken to the hospital with chest pains and it was not determined if the accident caused the pain or the pain caused the accident.

One local police officer likened the car crash scene to that of a billiard table as the car bounced off the several cars.

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