Police Motorcycle Camera Proves the Need to “Move Over”

Last November a member of the Hillsboro Oregon Police Department was on a routine traffic stop when he nearly lost his life in an accident, and the whole thing was recorded by the camera on his motorcycle.

The video shows Officer Clint Chrz standing next to a vehicle, talking to the driver on the shoulder of the Pacific Highway. Out of nowhere you see his motorcycle come flying into him. A drunk driver had hit his motorcycle and which then rammed into the the officer. The force of the car crash threw him into the middle of the highway. Luckily another car on the highway saw him lying there and pulled his vehicle up to protect him from on-coming traffic. Whether his helmet saved his life, we will never know, but the officer suffered only cuts, bruises and a concussion.

It is because of accidents like that of Officer Chrz that 43 states, including Florida, have enacted the “Move Over” law. It requires drivers to slow down when approaching emergency vehicles and give them the amount of room they need to do their job without getting hit by on-coming traffic.

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