Animals on Highway Cause Two Wrecks, One Fatality

Two auto accidents on Florida’s highways this week have been caused by animals wandering onto the road.

A wild hog strayed onto Bridge Road in Hobe Sound, near Jupiter, and was hit by a 34 year-old man from Indiantown. The driver hit the large, black animal on a dark stretch of road and as a result drove off the pavement and struck a power pole. The man was wearing his seat belt, but unfortunately died in the accident.

In another animal-related car crash, a 57 year-old man from Merritt Island struck and killed a cow that was crossing Highway 50 in Bithlo. At 1:34 in the morning, Hwy 50 is also a dark road and the driver was unable to miss the cow that had meandered into his path. There were no reports of injury to the driver.

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